About Us

A Paper Tube Packaging Supplier and Manufacturer from China

Custom Paper Tubes for Product Packaging, Shipping and Mailing

As a fast-growing paper tube packaging supplier, we are specialized in design, manufacture and supply of custom paper tubes, kraft paper tubes, cardboard canisters, cardboard cylinders, and other eco-friendly cardboard cylindrical boxes for product packaging, shipping and mailing.

Based in mainland China, the factory of the world, we are taking full advantage of its complete supply chain to provide biodegradable and affordable cardboard tube packaging solutions w/ a fast turnaround time for a wide selection retailing sectors such as beauty & cosmetics packaging, marijuana packaging, CBD packaging, food(tea, coffee, spices & seasoning) & personal care packaging, home fragrance product packaging etc.

We are glad to be part of your brand story. And it’s the consistent success of brand owners, like you, that has made us.

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Paper Tube Manufacturer and Factory