Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes for Beauty Makeup Sponges

– Creative combination of plastics and cardboard material

– Decorative ribbon pulls

– Bespoke tube dimension in diameter and height

– Custom printing is available on the cardboard lids and bottoms

– Attractive finishes & coatings are applicable, such as UV, gold foil stamping, glossy or matte lamination

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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Plastic Cylindrical Boxes with Cardboard End Closures

Its been popular for beauty brand retailers and manufacturers to use transparent PVC plastic packaging boxes for beauty sponges and makeup powder puffs.

However, plastic packages lead to another issue – plastic waste. As a sustainably minded packaging manufacturer, we are trying our best to use less plastic. That’s why the regular plastic packaging tubes are improved – the cardboard lids and bottoms added.

Custom printing could be placed on the cardboard lids and bottoms to indicate logos, brand name, necessary product info, barcodes, etc. Meanwhile, the packaged products are still able to display through the transparent PVC plastic tube body.

Bespoke size and printing create a unique yet attractive tube packaging that fits all sizes (styles) of beauty sponges just right.

If you are looking a special cylinder packaging, these less-plastic packaging tubes with paper lids may be a perfect packaging solution.

Plastic Cylinder Packaging for

– Lipstick packaging
– Lip gloss packaging
– False eyelash packaging
– Scarves packaging
– Perfume packaging
– Makeup sponge packaging

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