Custom Vape Packaging Tube Boxes

– Bespoke size & dimension

– Inserts of various material to secure the vape products just right

– Custom printing (4CP, PMS) or just blank w/ sticker labels

– Sustainable, earth-friendly, plastic free

– Wide range of paper stock: kraft paper, card stock, art paper

– Available in numerous finishes & coating like UV, foil stamping, embossing & debossing, AQ, lamination (matte or glossy)

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces

If you are looking for custom vape packaging boxes, then you should consider the cardboard tubes.

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Why Custom Tube Boxes

More vape kits are popular in the market as more people are sending their family members or friends a vape kit as gifts on the special days like birthday, Christmas etc.

There are a wide range of vape kits to choose from in the highly competitive marketplace.
To catch customers’ eyes even from on the store shelf, the packaging boxes must be as special and appealing as possible.

Custom tube boxes easily stand out due to its special cylinder shape. Personalized in sizes allows brand owners to pack whatever is needed in a kit, either molds, starter kit, e-juice flavors packs. Better yet, the extra insert inside the tube well fix the contents and provide them with premium protection in shipping.

Custom printing together w/ coating or finishes adds value to the vape kits, and create a special and precious vape present.

Paper Tube Solutions offers a wide selection of customization options for tube boxes.
Except dimension, they could be tailored to be any printing, finishes & styles.

Get started right today and give your vape kit a different yet valued packaging tube box.

Paper Tubes Serve as

– Vape gift boxes
– E-cigar gift boxes
– Vape starter kit packaging
– Vape mod kits packaging
– E-liquid (juice) pack packaging

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