Cardboard Packaging Cylinders for Water Bottles & Tumblers

– Bespoke in tube size to fit a wide range of water bottle types and cup capacity & volume

– Completely recyclable and eco-friendly

– Custom printing in 4CP (4 color process printing), PMS color schemes

– Personalized in cardboard wall thickness to create desired tube strength and sturdiness

– Customizable in tube style: one-piece tube, hatbox style tubes, telescopic tubes, or combination of different styles

– A variety of paper stock: brown kraft paper, black card stock, white cardboard, art paper, specialty paper to create different packaging styles.

– Flexible in order minimum & shipping options to ease your concerns regarding budgets and skyrocketing shipping costs.

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Why Cardboard Packaging Cylinders

Packaging is the very first interaction customers have with your products. Custom printed branded package would catch customers’ eyes more easily, and tell a good story about your brand, which may directly affect customers’ buying decision in store or unboxing experience (selling online).

The sturdy cardboard cylindrical packaging boxes protect your bottles, mugs or tumblers from damage during handling and shipping.

Better yet, the cylinder shaped packaging tubes are bespoke in size and style, making sure it fits most of the cylindrical bottles & mugs just right, saving space in storage and shipping.

If you’re a retailer that sells mugs, whether selling online or in brick-and-mortar store, it’s worthwhile to reserve some budget in custom cardboard packaging cylinders for your water bottle lines.

Packaging Tubes for:

– Coffee tumblers
– Sports water bottles
– Insulated mugs
– Stainless steel growler bottles
– Kids water bottles
– Mug gift boxes

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