Custom Candle Box Packaging

Bespoke tube size to fit candles of all types, scents and sizes

Unique cylindrical shape in the hatbox style

Nicely rolled edges on the top and bottom

Very sturdy and protective

Variety of paper stock that matches your candle type and scents

Custom printing or just a blank tube box for you to apply labels

Eco-friendly, compostable, and recyclable

Appealing finishes & coating (UV, hot foil stamping) to create luxury candle box packaging

Minimum order minimum: 1,000 pieces (can be split into multiple designs)

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Why Custom Candle Box Packaging

High-quality fragrance oils are essential to make premium candle products. Custom candle packaging is of equal importance contributing to a premium candle brand.

Get noticed. To grab customers’ eyeballs, you need a nicely printed and special candle packaging

Informative. Your candle packaging provides basic info about candle type, scents, benefits, your brand story, instructions for use, etc. so that customers are informed and encouraged to purchase

* Protective. Candles are very delicate. They can break easily during shipping and storage if not packaged properly. So, a strong and durable candle packaging box is important to help your candles arrive at your customers safely. 

Custom Paper Tubes Candle Packaging

Customizable in diameter & height, the cardboard cylindrical candle box works perfectly for all types of candles. Layers of rigid cardboard (custom wall thickness) protect the fragile candles all the way through. The rigid tube wall does a magnificent job of delivering your candles to your customers’ doors.

Brand artwork printing and eye-catching finishes turn the package into a brand ambassador that tells a good story about your brand, your passion for life, and your efforts in presenting leisure, relaxation, and well-being through every burning.

Your candles are of high quality. And now they deserve a luxurious custom candle box packaging to help them stand out among the crowd.

Whether you are selling online or selling in the store, custom candle box packaging brings your candle line to the next level.

Cardboard Cylinder Candle Packaging for:

• Aromatherapy candles
• LED candles
• Decorative candles
• Scented candles
• Soy candle
• Natural beeswax candles
• Gel candles

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