Cardboard Tube Boxes Hair Curlers Packaging

– Custom sizes and paper tube styles

– Available in blank tubes or custom printed tubes

– Sturdy & durable

– Eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable

– Specifically added hanging rope on the lid — serving as a handle and organizer

– Vast choices of coating and finishing to add value and style to the package

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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Cardboard Tube Boxes Hair Curler Packaging

Like most consumer electronics products, hair curlers and other electric hair care tools are delicate and tend to break under improper handling. How to package them has been a headache for manufacturers and retailers of hair styling tools and beauty devices.

Your concerns are always our motivations.

Cardboard tubes are wound spirally from layers of cardboard. Therefore, the durability is guaranteed to protect your valued electric hair irons through the post and store handling.

We are aware you are striving for sustainability in packaging. To match your efforts in sustainability, we only use eco-friendly and pollution-free raw materials, paper stock, and production techniques.

In a nutshell, the cylinders are fully recyclable and environmental-friendly, which aligns with your green brand image.

Bespoke size allows the tube boxes to suit curlers and irons of all sizes, preventing them from wiggling around inside the package. The compact cylindrical packaging avoids excessive packaging that may happen in rigid gift boxes.

Custom printing turns the tubes into a brand ambassador that tells a good story about your products, your brands, and your commitment to hair care, styling, and well-being.

Cylinder Packaging for

– Hair curlers
– Hair styling set
– Hair dryers
– Hair stylers
– Electric hair brushes

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