Paper Lip Balm Tubes Eco Cosmetics Containers

– Push-up or non-push-up bottom

– Custom printing or blank tubes (plain black, brown kraft, or white)

– Plant-based wax paper lining and soy-ink-based printing process

– Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and recyclable

– Food grade & safe virgin paper fiber

– Bespoke tube dimension to achieve desired capacity (for reference 0.3oz, 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz)

– Extra finishes are available to create luxury lip balm or deodorant packaging

– Minimum order quantity: 1,000 pieces (we do NOT have premade ready stock)

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Paper Tubes Lip Balm Packaging

More cosmetics and beauty brands are looking for an eco alternative to empty plastic lip balm tubes, solidifying the commitment to environmental protection and the planet.

The paperboard lip balm tubes are sustainable, plastic-free, and home-compostable thanks to their all-paper structure, soy-ink-based printing, and plant-based lining option.

The plant-based wax paper lining creates an oil-resistant internal barrier and prevents the balm, deodorant, or lotion oil from leaking into the tubes.

Bespoke in diameter and height, the cosmetics containers are very flexible in creating desired packaging capacity and volume.

You are committed to bringing the best possible organic and natural cosmetics & beauty products to customers. An eco tube packaging will enhance your efforts in this regard.

Eco Cosmetics Containers for

– Lip balm
– Solid perfume
– Deodorant
– Solid fragrance
– Lotion sticks
– Salves

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