By Paper Tube Structure

Three-piece Paper Tubes

– Consisting of inner tube and outer tube (upper lid / base)

– Bespoke in diameter and height (length) to fit packaging needs of various products

– Blank tubes or custom artwork printing (CMYK, PMS color scheme)

– Value-added finish and coating available: varnishing, UV, foil stamping (gold, silver, and more), lamination, embossing and debossing

– Selection of paper stock: coated paper or uncoated paper, virgin fiber or recycled paper, food grade or non-food grade paper

– Personalized cardboard wall thickness, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or even thicker for extra tube strength

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Why Three-piece Paper Tubes

Three-piece paper tube, also known as butt jointed tubes, full telescoping (telescopic) paper tube, or flush-fit cardboard canisters, is the most commonly used paper tube style.

By adjusting the height proportion of inner tube, lid and base, the 3-piece cardboard tube could be customized for more variations.

Made of paper and cardboard, the tube packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable retail packaging solution.

Whether you are looking for primary packaging or secondary packaging, cardboard tube is ideal for cosmetics, personal care, beauty, home fragrance products (candles & reed diffuser), foodstuff (protein powder, supplementary powder, candies, chocolate), drink & beverage (wine, liquor & spirits bottles, coffee, loose leaf tea), toys, vaping hardware (vape carts), CBD & marijuana packaging.

Cardboard Tube Packaging for

– Diploma & certificates
– Reed diffusers
– Sex toys
– CBD dropper bottles
– Marijuana vape cartridges
– Loose leaf tea
– Candles
– Hair straighteners
– Cosmetics & makeup containers
– Perfume bottles
– Disposable vape pens
– Jigsaw puzzles

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