Kraft Paper Tube Drinking Straw Packaging Boxes

– Kraft paper tube in rustic packaging style

– Bespoke diameter and height (length)

– Extra thick cardboard wall

– Simple one-color black printing

– Smooth and nice-looking rolled-edges on top and bottom

– Completely eco-friendly and compostable

– Minimum order quantity: 1,000 pieces

Looking for unique, rustic and plain packaging boxes? This kraft tube packaging may be a good option.
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Why Kraft Paper Tubes

Personalized tube dimension allows the cardboard cylindrical packaging box to hold different number of drinking straws.

Extra thick cardboard wall easily carries the weight of 30, 40, 50 stainless steel drinking straws, and more. The wall thickness is customizeble to meeet specific packaging needs.

Made out of kraft paper, the drinking straw packaging boxes are completely biodegradable, recyclable and waste-free, which aligns the plastic-free call that the product (stainless steel straws) intends to convey.

The minimalist packaging style, together with the decent slogan highlight the product and brand’s commitment for environmental protection and the planet.

Kraft Tube Packaging for:

– Stainless steel drinking straw packaging

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