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Cardboard Cylinders with Inserts

– Ideal option to provide extra stability and protection for the packaged products

– Bespoke insert dimension (diameter & height) to match specific tube measurement

– Custom color

– Variety of material to choose from: EVA, blister, cardboard, plastic

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Why Inserts for Cardboard Cylinders

Insert is one of the most common add-on options used for cardboard cylinder tubes.

It is mainly used to fix the packaged products,such as cream bottles, vape carts, avoiding them from wiggling in the tubes.
Also, for consumer electronics packaging, inserts could be added to the top and bottom to cushion the electronics items during transit and handling.

Customizable in size, material and color, inserts are very flexible to meet different tube dimension and packaging needs.

For any cases that require extra padding to secure the products firmly inside the tube, insert is an ideal add-on to consider.


– Cosmetics packaging (essential oil bottles, perfume bottles, serum jars)
– CBD packaging (dropper bottles, topical containers)
– Marijuana packaging (e-liquid squeezer bottles, vape cartridges)
– Vape packaging (disposable vape pens, vaping carts)
– Consumer electronics packaging (wireless speakers, headsets, smart bracelets, USB cables)

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