Cardboard Tubes for Cosmetics Gel Cream Packaging

– Custom tube dimension (diameter and height) to accommodate various sized cosmetics containers

– Eco friendly, recyclable and sustainable beauty packaging boxes

– 3-piece paper tube style

– Custom artwork printing

– Inserts of various materials (PVC plastic, cardboard, foam) to secure the cosmetics bottles and containers

– Stylish finishes & coating (UV, gold foil stamping) are available to create luxury cosmetics packaging

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces (accept more than one printing variation)

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Paperboard Tubes Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics cream, lotion, and moisturizer are usually packaged in glass or plastic jars and bottles. And these cosmetics containers go into rectangular or square folding cartons and rigid gift boxes, which serve as secondary packaging.

Why not consider the rigid paperboard tubes?

Compared to thin unit cartons, cardboard tubes are sturdy to provide fragile containers with much premium protection.
Better yet, paper tubes are as sturdy as rigid gift box, but require less packaging space, as the cylinder tubes fit most of the cylindrical cosmetics containers just right.
In this day and age, shipping is way too expensive. The less packaging space is required, the more money saved.

Also, the cardboard tubes are equally eco, sustainable, and recyclable.

Custom printing makes the cosmetics tube packaging unique and branded, which serves as a marketing tool to build up and spread brand influence in the market.

A wide variety of finish, coating and printing options offer more flexibility in creating unique yet luxurious cosmetics and beauty packaging boxes.

It is time to consider these cardboard cylindrical packaging boxes for your new cosmetics, beauty, and makeup product line.

Packaging for:

– Cream packaging
– Lotion packaging
– Facial cleanser packaging
– Moisturizers packaging
– Lip gloss packaging
– Mascara packaging

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