Luxury Candle Tube Packaging

– Made to order for specific sizing (diameter/height)

– Telescopic (two-piece) hatbox tube style

– Custom artwork printing in plate printing (either CMYK or PMS)

– Gold foil stamping and more finishes are applied to create luxury candle packaging

– Eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable candle packaging boxes

-Optional diecut display window is available (if requested)

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Luxury Candle Packaging Eco Paper Tubes

Candle vessels (glass candle jars, candle tins, or tealight cups) might get damaged due to insufficient packaging (like thin folding cartons). The complaints and losses caused by this could be a real pain for candle retailers and sellers.

Is there a more sturdy packaging option?

Cardboard tube boxes are very sturdy with a thick cardboard wall. What’s more, the cylindrical packaging fits the candle containers just right, preventing the candle jars from wiggling inside the package.

You may get standard-size candle boxes and have them labeled with stickers for fast turnaround, but that may not be enough if you would like to stand out in a crowded marketplace with so many candle brands.

Custom printed candle boxes could build up brand awareness of your own. Better yet, appealing finishes & coating like gold foil would elevate candle selling rates and brand class.

To have value-added candle packaging does not mean a compromise in sustainability. The paper tubes are fully recyclable, eco-friendly, and home compostable.

Whatever types of candles you are selling, you should consider a luxury candle box that could promote sales and your marketing efforts.

Paper Tubes for:

– Glass candles
– Aromatherapy candles
– Decorative candles
– Candle gift sets
– Candle pots
– Container candles
– Flameless candles

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