Custom Gift Tube Boxes

– Bespoke tube dimension

– Custom printing to create personalized gift packaging boxes

– Eco-friendly and sustainable

– Wide range of paper stock: solid black cardboard, solid white kraft, earthy brown kraft, coated art paper

– Style-added finishes & coating available

– Made with sustainable and recyclable materials and production techniques

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces

If you are interested in packaging your gifts, present or souvenirs in a custom printed paper tube, please reach out at [email protected] or [email protected].

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Why Tube Gift Boxes

It’s always a great pleasure to receive a gift from friends, families or organizations like a company you serve for many years.

For companies and businesses, it would be a good idea to present a gift to customers who make a purchase or attendees who participate in your company event or meeting, which would enhance customer shopping experience or consolidate client relations.

Custom printed cardboard tube gift boxes strike a perfect balance between production protection and brand building.

Tailored tubes provide your precious gifts or souvenirs with a snug fit, preventing damage in handling and storage.

Your logos, patterns, slogans printed in CMYK full printing work together to bring your brand to the next position in customers’ minds.

Cardboard Tubes for:

– Gift packaging
– Souvenir packaging

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