Food Tube Packaging Cardboard Cylinder Containers

– Food grade paper stock – virgin paper fiber used

– Vegetal-based printing process

– Suitable for direct food contact

– Environmental-friendly, sustainable and recyclable

– Bespoke size to create various packaging capacity & size

– Blank tubes or custom printing

– Extra aluminum foil lining option available

– Minimum order quantity: 1,000 pieces

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Why Food Tube Packaging

Food safety is always the first concern when it comes to foodstuff packaging. With that being said, the packaging box must be completely food grade rated, and suitable for direct food contact.

Your concern, our top priority. That is why for all foodstuff packaging tubes, only eco-friendly material and production techniques would be used: virgin fiber raw material (instead of recycled paper stock), soy-ink based printing,

Personalized tube size allows you to pack the desired quantity of sachets & servings. Custom printing not only provides basic nutrition facts, but also enhances brand identity.

The compact cylinder food containers hold multiple individual packs just right, providing premium protection through the shipping and store handling with its rigid and sturdy cardboard wall.

Whether you are retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturers in food supplement industry, custom printed food cylinder packaging boxes are a nice packaging solution to go with.

Food Grade Cardboard Cylinder for:

– Collagen blend packaging
– Nutritional supplement packaging
– Protein powder packaging
– Supplementary capsules packaging
– Dietary supplement product packaging

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