Twist-up Paper Lipstick Tubes

– Similar twist-up mechanism for easy application of chapsticks and lipsticks

– 50% less plastic used due to the biodegradable cardboard outer tube

– Bespoke tube dimension to achieve the desired capacity and volume

– Custom printing or blank tubes (with printed sticker labels)

– Variety of color schemes – CMYK, PMS, or combination

– Appealing finishes are available such as gold foil stamping, UV, embossing, lamination

– Order minimum: 20,000 pieces

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If you are looking for full cardboard lip balm tubes, please click for the solution.

Lipstick Packaging Twist-up Paper Tubes

More and more customers tend to drop the traditional plastic lipstick tubes due to plastic waste issues. That’s why more cosmetics and beauty brands are trying to search for eco lipstick containers. On the other hand, some customers are not adaptive to full cardboard push-up lip balm tubes.

Is there a compromise solution?
Yeah, it is the semi-eco paper tubes. It reserves the regular twist-up mechanism but adopts a full cardboard outer tube. By doing so, fewer plastics are in use while maintaining customers’ usage habits.

We can customize the sizes, printing, graphics design, and finishes. So no worries about the capacity. The tubes are bespoke to your product types and packaging needs.

Cardboard Tubes for

– Lipsticks packaging
– Lip balm packaging
– Chapstick packaging

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