Cardboard Cylinder Packaging for Electric Wine Opener

– Custom printing or blank tubes

– Bespoke diameter and height

– Sturdy and durable

– Sustainable and earth-friendly

– Coated or uncoated paper stock

– Extra finishes available such as foil stamping, UV, embossing & debossing, lamination, soft-touching finish

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces (printing) | 500 pieces (blank)

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Why Cardboard Cylinder Packaging

Wine, liquor and spirits add taste to life.
An electric wine bottle opener would make drinking much easier. That is why electric corkscrew has become a necessary dining table utensil.

Most electric wine openers in the market are in cylindrical shape. This fact gives cardboard cylinders a competitive edge if compared to rigid gift boxes or corrugated shipper boxes.

The compact package would save you lots of space in storage, shipping or handling. And all of these means money.

Better yet, the durable cardboard tubes fit just right, providing perfect protection without worrying about the delicate item shaking around when packed inside the package.

Paperboard tubes are also flexible in printing and coating, which allows brand owners to create the unique packaging they desire, completely based on brand image and budget.

Whether you are a retailer selling or manufacturer making electric wine openers and corkscrews, use custom printed cardboard cylinder packaging to wow your customers and clients.

Cardboard Tubes for:

– Cordless wine openers
– Electric corkscrews
– Electric wine bottle openers

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