Custom Printed Cardboard Tubes Incense Sticks Packaging

– Bespoke size to provide flexible packaging volume

– Custom private label printing

– Home-biodegradable and recyclable

– Variety of paper stock and material available

– Appealing finishes & coating applicable such as embossing, UV coating, varnishing, gold foil

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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Why Custom Printed Cardboard Tubes

Aromatic incenses have been used to purify, and add to the atmosphere of offices, homes, and community centers. Incense sticks are slender and brittle, which means they could break into pieces easily if handled improperly in shipping or store end.

Small diameter paper tubes are very sturdy and strong, which provide premium security and prevent incense sticks from a crash. The packaging strength far outplays regular folding cartons.

Custom printing allows the tube package to build up brand awareness over every purchase, which contributes to marketing and branding over time.

Compared to rigid gift boxes, and packaging boxes of other materials like wood packaging boxes, paperboard tubes are much cheaper in either production cost or shipping, as it involves less manual work, and paper is much cheaper if compared to wooden boxes. Better yet, it is very light-weighted due to its compact cylindrical shape.

In a nutshell, a rigid incense stick packaging tube strikes a perfect balance between product protection and packaging cost, making itself an excellent packaging solution for those slim and long items like incense sticks, reed diffuser sticks.

Circular Packaging Boxes for

– Incense sticks
– Reed diffuser sticks

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