Cardboard Cylinders for Bluetooth Speaker Packaging

– Eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable

– Bespoke cardboard cylinder dimensions to fit consumer electronics products of varying types

– Color printing in CMYK printing plates (spot colors applicable, depending on designs)

– Custom cylinder tube style to create unique consumer electronics packaging

– Style-added coating applicable – varnishing, lamination, UV, AQ, foil stamping

– Assortment of paper stock: virgin fiber, recycled fiber, kraft paper, cardboard, art paper, grey board

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To stand out from the competitive wireless speakers market, a special and eye-catching packaging is of great importance.

The cylinder packaging shape fits most of the cylindrical wireless speakers just right, providing premium protection from all sides and saving shipping space .

Brand artwork plus value-added finishes turns the tube packaging into a great marketing and branding tool.

As such, cardboard cylinders are one of the best Bluetooth speaker packaging solutions that is worthy of attention and consideration.

Cardboard Cylinders for:

– USB cables
– Earphones
– Forehead thermometers
– Smart bracelets
– Smart watches
– Wireless speakers

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