Diploma Tubes Custom Printed Certificate Holder

– Customizable in sizes, logos, colors, materials, outer wrap paper

– Assortment of paper textures (smooth, textured grain etc.), tube styles, tube end closures to fit the needs of different schools, universities, institutions and academies

– Made from 100% eco-friendly paperboard, cardboard, kraft paper, and more

– Endless style-added finish options such as UV, hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing to distinguish your organizations

– Full color printing, CMYK or Pantone color, and more

– Order Minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Why Custom Diploma Tubes

For every college student, the most significant occasion in the academic life is the graduation ceremony when they are awarded the diploma or certificate.

For colleges and universities, the diploma is the very last souvenir they present to the newest alumni members. Therefore, to make a good yet long-lasting impression is of great importance and meaning.

Distinctive from standard diploma holders and certificate covers, custom printed paper tubes are becoming more popular as the tubes are relatively space-saving, fully customizable in graphics design, flexible in printing options, sturdy enough for shipping, and doing a great job in preserving any paper certificates for many years to come.

Whether you are educational academies searching for shipping tubes (mailing tubes) or colleges looking for diploma tubes, we are experienced enough to offer a proper paper tubing solutions that fit your budgets, packaging needs exactly.

Diploma Tubes for

– Diploma holder
– Certificate holder
– Scroll case
– Commendation holder
– Poster packaging

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