Diploma Tube Custom Diploma Holder

• Fully Customizable: We offer bespoke sizes and custom full-color printing, featuring your school badge, organization logo, university seal, and many more.

• Eco-friendly: made from paperboard, cardboard, and kraft paper, which are biodegradable and sustainable.

• Variety of paper textures: Choose from smooth, textured grain, or other options, along with various paper stock and tube styles to meet the packaging needs of different schools, universities, institutions, academies, and organizations.

• Value-added finishes: We offer options such as spot gloss UV, metallic foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to help your organization stand out.

• Order Minimum: 500 pieces

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Why Custom Diploma Tubes

The culmination of a college student’s academic journey is the graduation ceremony when they receive their diploma or certificate. This document holds immense value as it symbolizes their hard work and dedication. For colleges and universities, the presentation of this important document is a significant moment for both the institution and the graduating students.

With the aim of making a lasting impression, there is a growing trend towards using custom printed paper tubes to hold diplomas and certificates. Unlike traditional diploma holders and certificate covers, these scroll tubes offer several advantages. They are space-saving, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Additionally, their customizable graphic designs and printing options make them a unique and eye-catching choice. Along with being sturdy enough for shipping, these graduation certificate holder excels at preserving important documents for years to come.

Whether educational academies need shipping tubes for mailing purposes or colleges require diploma tubes for their graduating students, there are tailored paper tubing solutions available. These solutions can be customized to fit specific budgets and packaging needs, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation of diplomas, prizes, and certificates.

How to Customize Certificate Tube

There are a few steps to follow when customizing a certificate tube or graduation certificate holder. Here’s a basic outline to walk you through the process.

1. Determine the size. Decide on the tube dimensions based on the size of the certificates or documents that go into the tube.

2. Pick the paper stock. There are a few paper stock for the diploma tubes: white cardboard, black cardboard, brown kraft paper, special textured paper, holographic paper stock, coated stock, unbleached stock, etc. Choose the proper material based on your packaging budget, occasions, purposes, and organization images for the best durability, aesthetics, and packaging outcome.

3. Work out a great artwork design: Hire a professional graphic designer to create an eye-catching and unique graphic design for the tube. The tube should be informative enough. Incorporate essential information in your artwork (such as the name of the educational institutions, graduation year, slogans, etc.) to give the scroll tubes a distinctive identity. A great design is half the success of a custom certificate tube. It is important to apply any relevant visual images (institution’s logo, color scheme, seals) that reflect the spirit of the event and the organization.

4. Choose proper printing options: Utilize printing options and special finishes that enhance the visual appeal of the certificate tubes. These include full-color printing (CMYK/4CP, Pantone color matching), metallic foil color, and embossing.
The combination of printing and finishes will add a distinguished touch and value to the presentation, events, or occasions.

5. Consider any possible add-ons: Consider any additional options like ribbons, caps, or seals to make the tube more different and ensure a professional and personalized presentation. Working with a professional tube packaging supplier or manufacturer, you can create custom certificate holders that reflect the image of the educational institution and the significance of the academic achievements they convey.

Our Paper Pubes Work as

• Diploma holders
• Certificate holders
• Certificate tube
• Scroll case
• Scroll tubes
• Commendation holder
• Poster packaging

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