Cardboard Powder Shaker Tube Container with Sifter

– With paperboard and cardboard sifter

– Customized sifter hole / perforation diameter

– Bespoke tube dimension to achieve desired packaging capacity (a reference to capacity: 1oz for 30gram, 2oz for 60gram, 4oz for 125gram)

– Eco-friendly, plastic-free, and home-compostable

– Food grade & safe virgin paper stock (NOT recycled fiber)

– Blank tubes, custom printing, printed sticker labels are available

– Extra aluminum foil lining is applicable

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces (we do NOT have premade ready stock)

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Why Cardboard Powder Shaker

Metal and plastics powder shakers have been prevailing in beauty & personal care powder (body powder, loose powder), pet care powder (dry shampoo powder), and powdered foodstuff (seasoning & spice) packaging.

Metal powder shakers are heavy and expensive, but plastic powder shakers are harming our earth.

Is there a packaging solution that strikes a balance? Yeah, it is now out there.

The powder shaker tubes made of cardboard and paperboard are light-weighted, sustainable, and waste-free.

Due to its premium virgin paper stock and soy-ink-based printing process, the cardboard tubes are safe for powdered foodstuff, cosmetics & beauty powder, personal care & pet care powder packaging.

The sifter hole size is customized to meet the packaging needs of the various sized powdered stuff.

Custom printing and style-added finishes are available to create branded, luxurious packaging for your premium powder products lines.

Eco Cardboard Shakers for:

Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pet Care Powder

– Baby powder
– Body powder
– Foot powder
– Loose powder
– Dry shampoo
– Talcum powder
– Dusting powder

Powdered Foodstuff

– Seasoning
– Black pepper
– Table salt packaging
– Sugar packaging
– Spice blends
– Chilli powder
– Turmeric powder
– Jeera powder

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