Round Paper Tubes for Menstrual Cup Packaging

– Bespoke in tube dimensions to fit menstrual cups of all sizes and styles

– Custom printing & private labeling are available in full color (CMYK, spot colors)

– Food safe virgin paper stock (not recycled paper material)

– Fully biodegradable, plastic-free, and recyclable

– Various tube styles to choose from – over-cap hatbox style, flush-fit telescopic style

– Assortment of finishes & coating are available such as lamination, AQ, soft-touch finishing

– Minimum Order Qty: 1,000 pieces

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Round Paper Tubes Packaging for Period Cups

Periods are not fun for the female. Disposable pads and tampons are causing wastes. That’s why more women and ladies are switching to reusable and eco menstrual cups.

For manufacturers and brand owners, their mission is to help the females have a comfortable period by providing quality menstrual cups while maintaining sustainability from all aspects, including safe eco hygiene products and truly plastic-free packaging.

As paper tube suppliers, our commitment is to make their work easy with our eco-friendly packaging boxes for menstrual cups and other sanitation supplies.

In a cylindrical printed box, period cups would capture the attention of the female audience and stand out from the display shelves easily.

Eco food-safe cardboard material ensures the cylindrical menstrual cup packaging boxes facilitate your care and love for the female customers.

Added packaging strength from paperboard and cardboard wall provides the silicone or rubber cups with premium protection. Retailers and brand owners have no more concerns about the damage that may incur during shipping if packed in a thinner color folding carton.

Color folding cartons are a perfect packaging option for sure. However, custom printed paper tubes will take your female hygiene products to the next level with their distinctive yet high-end packaging style.

Tube Packaging for

– Menstrual cups
– Period cups
– Moon cups
– Other feminine hygiene products

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