Cardboard Cylinder Tubes Tea Packaging

– Bespoke in tube size (diameter x height) to create various packaging capacity

– Custom tube styles: one-piece style, two-piece style or three-piece style

– Tinplate lid at both ends

– Food grade virgin paper stock

– Brand artwork printing or blank tubes w/ sticker labels

– Suitable as primary packaging or secondary packaging

– Value-added options: aluminum foil liner, die-cut window, hanging rope, ribbon pull etc.

– Order Minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Why Cardboard Cylinder Tubes

Tea has become increasingly popular with more and more are choosing tea over carbonated beverages for a green and healthier lifestyle. To set your tea brand apart from competitors, its critical to utilize innovative tea packaging box that combines function with style, like cardboard cylinders.

With thick cardboard wall, the cylindrical tea boxes provide utmost protection for the delicate tea, especially loose leaf tea.

Extra aluminum foil liner available allows the tea stay at its best for longer till it arrives to customers’ cups.

Whether you intend the tubes to be primary packaging or secondary packaging, we are professional enough to tailor the tea tubes to fit the packaging needs of various tea types just right, with our wide selection of diameter range & lid options, eco-friendly plant-based printing, food grade rated paper stock.

Cardboard Cylinder Packaging for:

– Black tea
– Green tea
– Herbal tea
– CBD tea
– White tea
– Oolong tea
– Fruit tea
– Tea leaf

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