Paper Tubes w/ Aluminum Foil Membrane Lid

– Suitable for directly packaging tea & coffee bean for small single serving or custom size to meet your specific packaging needs

– Multiple tubes w/ various flavors to create one set – 4 Pack, 5 Pack, 6 Pack…

– Pre-sealed aluminum foil membrane lid (tamper evident) w/ PS bottom cap

– SMALL / LARGE size available (Diameter 45mm | Height: 40mm for S / 55mm for L )

– Plain black / white / gold / red / green

– Food safe eco white cardboard stock raw material

– Sturdy and light-weighted

– With food grade aluminum foil liner

– Order minimum:
1) 500 pieces from existing size / color
2) 5,000 pieces for bespoke height (in the same diameter)
3) 10,000 pieces for personalized color (in the same diameter)

If you are interested in the small diameter paper tubes, please kindly reach out via [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.

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Coffee and tea are two mainstream beverage all over the world with so many flavors to choose from. The manufacturers of tea or coffee may want to combine different flavors in one box so that customers are allowed to try as many tastes as possible. The small diameter paper tube is the ideal packaging solution for this.

With pre-sealed silver foil membrane lid, what you need to do is simply packing the small volume of tea or coffee into the tubes, and put the PS cap at the bottom, label them to indicate the flavors. Thats it.

With a food grade aluminum foil liner and membrane lid, the tube is tamper-evident, airtight and moisture-resistant.

Food safe cardboard material and PS bottom cap allows the tube box to directly contact with packaged foodstuff such as powdered supplement, supplementary capsules, loose leaf tea.

Tube Packaging for:

– Loose leaf tea
– Supplementary powder
– Coffee

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