CBD Oil Packaging Cylindrical Paper Boxes

– Bespoke tube dimensions to fit oil/tincture dropper bottles of different types, volumes, and sizes

– The most classic full-telescopic (3-piece) paper tube style

– Either custom printing or blank tubes are available

– Eco, sustainable and recyclable CBD packaging boxes

– Appealing finishes & coating are applicable, such as spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing

-Order Minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Paper Tubes CBD Oil Packaging

How to stand out on chemist and drugstore shelves among so many CBD oil brands? It is a question CBD brand owners and retailers may come across.

Dropper bottles are one of the most popular containers in CBD oil packaging and CBD tincture packaging.

The vast majority of CBD dropper bottles are packed in printed folding cartons (unit cartons) packaging boxes if you look around in the market.

Is there an alternative packaging option other than the regular CBD boxes?

Why not consider custom printed paper tubes for CBD oil or tincture packaging?

Whatever types and materials of dropper bottles (Euro round bottles, Boston round bottles, or cylinder vial bottles), whatever sizes of your bottles, from 1/16oz (5ml ) to 2oz(60ml) may be, we custom make the cardboard boxes to your bottles to get a perfect fit.

Fully printable tube boxes upscale your CBD brand to the next level apart from providing space for product usage information and compliance with labeling requirements. Stylish finishes would give your CBD products a valued look and enhance the brand value.

Made from cardboard and paperboard, the tubes are plastic-free and eco-friendly. So no concerns about adding to the carbon footprint.

Whether you are selling hemp oil for pets (dogs/cats) or CBD tincture for human health and wellness, paperboard tubes are a perfect secondary packaging solution that you would consider seriously.

Paper Cylindrical Boxes for

– CBD oil packaging
– CBD tincture packaging

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