Child-Resistant Paper Tubes Cannabis Packaging

Child-resistant (CR) and senior-friendly

CR patented and lab-certified per CPSC 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance compliance

Fully customizable in sizing (diameter and height), CR button color, foam color, printing, paper stocks, finishes, and coatings

Works perfectly for THC cartridges, cannabis concentrate jars, RSO syringes, infused pre-rolls, disposable vape pens, vape pods, and other vape accessories.

MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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Certified Child-resistant Cardboard Tubes

In the cannabis world, staying compliant with state laws & regulations in packaging is an important part for cannabis brands, growers, processors, dispensaries, and distributors. Our child-resistant cardboard tubes are certified to comply with CPSC 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance compliance. So, no concerns about packaging compliance with these cardboard cylindrical packaging boxes for your cannabis product lines.

Custom Printed Paper Cartridge Tubes

Whether you are packaging THC vaping cartridges, RSO syringes, iKrusher all-in-one disposable vapes, or vape kits, the CR cardboard tubes are fully customizable to fit your product dimensions in diameter and height.

Unlike cartridge mylar bags or glass vials, the sturdy and durable cardboard tube structure provides premium protection across the supply chain. The slim tube construction saves storage space and shipping costs compared to regular rigid set-up cartridge boxes.

With the custom foam insert (size/color), the vape hardware will stay tightly in the packaging tube and arrive in your customers’ hands safely.

Paper Pre-Roll Tubes

For cost considerations, plastic pop-top tubes are probably the most popular choice for pre-roll packaging.  Some brands will use mylar bags. However, more cannabis brands are switching to cardboard pre-roll tubes. Let us take a look at what’s good about cardboard tubes for pre-rolled joint packaging.

1) Eco-friendly pre-roll packaging tube

Compared to plastic pop-top tubes, cardboard tubes are more eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable because:

95% of plastics less

All-paper tube body

Little plastic used for child-resistance purposes

2) Fancy branded pre-roll packaging with low order minimum

If you going to launch a small production trial run, stock plastic pop-top tubes could be the only available option and you need to apply simple printed labels on them, which are not recognizable and fancy enough. If you are thinking of using custom-printed tin containers or mylar bags, the MOQ will be high, which is cost-prohibitive due to high set-up costs, plate fees, and tooling fees

For cardboard pre-roll tubes, however, the order minimum of cardboard tubes is as low as 1,000 pieces. Even with the MOQ, you can have custom pre-roll packaging in your desired size and special finishes like soft-touch finish, spot gloss UV, embossing, etc.

Whether you are packaging classic joints, blunts, or cannagars (cannabis cigars), whether you are packing single pre-roll or multiple joints, we customize the tubes to accommodate your items just right. A cardboard divider or separator is available if you intend to package multiple pre-rolls in one cardboard tube.

Concentrate Packaging Cardboard Tubes

A concentrate jar is the premium primary packaging option for cannabis extract.  On top of that, an extra paper box is required that serves as secondary packaging. Folding boxes and rigid boxes are common choices for concentrate packaging. Why not consider cardboard tubes for your concentrate jar packaging?

Depending on your packaging needs and state laws, cardboard tubes can be customized in child-resistant or non-childproof. 

No matter what sized or shaped jars, pucks, and concentrate containers you have, we customize the tubes to fit your cannabis extract containers and print them in your artwork. Your premium extracts and concentrates deserve decent secondary packaging for value-added branding and premium protection during shipping and handling.

If you want extra protection for your extract jars, an additional cardboard insert is available in the tube to hold the cannabis concentrate jars more firmly.

Custom Printed Cannabis Packaging Tubes Help Your Cannabis Brands Get Noticed

The cannabis marketplace is very competitive with so many products and brands to choose from. To stand out, custom-printed cannabis packaging is a key part of adding product value, creating brand images, impressing target customers, and promoting sales conversion whether selling online or in the dispensaries.

So don’t settle in stock mylar bags, plastic pop-top tubes, sleeve boxes, or folding cartons; don’t settle for simple sticker labels. Get a customized cardboard tube that brings your cannabis products and brands to the next level and wow your customers.

No matter what cannabis products you are packaging: hardware pre-rolls, or concentrate, the paperboard tubes are customizable in sizing details, printing & labeling to help your cannabis brands get noticed among the crowd.

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