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Paper Cylinder Boxes with Aluminum Foil Lining

– Ideal add-on option for paper tubes in food packaging

– Lined inside the tube to create an airtight barrier

– Food safe for direct food contact

– Bacteria-proof & moisture resistant

– Not biodegradable

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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Why Aluminum Foil Liner

Aluminum foil is excellently impervious to moisture, light, bacteria. Because of that, it has been used in the food packaging industry for long.

Paper cylinder box may be not airtight and moisture-proof enough when it comes to packaging for loose leaf tea, protein powder, snacks, chocolate and other foodstuff.

In this case, aluminum foil liner is a perfect add-on if the cardboard food jars require extra airtightness.

If you are looking for food safe packaging cylinders for candies, oats, pet food, sausage, dried meat, biscuit and nuts etc, you may need to consider aluminum foil as a lining option.

Cylinder Packaging for:

– Candies
– Chocolates
– Oatmeal
– Herb & tisane
– Seasoning & spices
– Supplementary powder
– Loose leaf tea

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