Kraft Paper Tubes for Lamp Packaging

– Bespoke sizing (diameter x height) and wall thickness to accommodate various lighting products packaging needs

– Personalized kraft paper tube style: one-piece paper tube, two-piece paper tube, three-piece paper tube

– Customized brand graphics design printing

– Variety of paper stock available: recyclable paper, virgin paper, kraft paper, card stock, paperboard

– Extra finish options to add value: soft-touch finishing, varnishing, AQ, lamination, embossing and debossing

– Minimum Order QTY: 1,000 pieces

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Lighting products are always challenging to package, transport and handle as they usually come with a lot of delicate parts which are very fragile.

Then how to make this easier? Kraft paper tubes may be a good packaging solution to consider.

Customized sizes ensure the tubes 100% fit the packaged lighting products, avoiding any wiggle room. Better yet, the rigid cardboard wall provides superior protection, avoiding the lamps from damage and crash.

Brand artwork printing and value-added coating options help create branded and custom retail packaging box for lamps and lighting products.

Definitely kraft paper tubes are the right packaging solution if you are looking for custom packaging boxes for your lighting product range.

Kraft Tube Packaging for:

– Night lamps
– Light bulbs
– Led night lights
– Camping lanterns
– LED camping lights

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