Cardboard Cylindrical Boxes for Candle Packaging

– Telescopic paper tube

– Long top and short base packaging design

– Custom size for every type of candles

– 4 color printing plates

– Curl-and-disc on both ends

– White cardboard and art paper outer wrap

– Matte lamination (more finish & coating options available)

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces

If you are interested in custom candle packaging boxes in this unique cylindrical shape, please send us an email at [email protected]. Or just fill in a quick contact form from the below. We would be getting in touch very shortly.


Your votive, scented candles, candle pots deserve a unique and luxury candle box with printing.

The cardboard cylindrical boxes fit the candles just right, preventing the candles from crash and damage.

Custom printed candle boxes create a professional brand image, elevate selling prices, and contribute to marketing.

No matter where you are selling, either online or brick and mortar stores, custom candle packaging help catch people’s eyes and make the candles stand out from the crowd in a branded way.


– Artisan candles
– Scented candles
– Taper candles
– Glass candles
– Flameless candles
– Candle pots
– Floating candles
– Candle gift set

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