Cardboard Cylindrical Boxes for Candle Packaging

Classic paper candle tube in telescopic style

Custom size for candles of all types and sizes

Full-color printing (CMYK/4CP), Pantone color matching, various fancy finishes (such as metallic foil colors, embossing, UV) to meet your candle packaging needs.

Curl-and-disc on both ends

Variety of paper stock and paper weight to choose from: white cardboard, art paper, kraft paper, hologram stock

Assortment of finishes available: matte finish, glossy finish, soft-touch finish

Order minimum: 1,000 pieces (can be split into a few SKUs)

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Why Cardboard Cylindrical Candle Boxes

You work so hard to delivery the most delicate sensory experiences to your customers. Custom-branded candle packaging is also important, because:

Bridge you, your products, and your customers. Candle packaging is the first impression of your product. Custom-printed candle tubes send brand messages to your customers and build a connection between you and your customers, which boosts brand royalty

Add value to your candles. Unlike simple labels, nicely printed candle tubes are eye-catching with brand logos, slogans, product details, and vivid colors presented. It creates a professional brand image, gives customers a premium brand perception, and encourages them to buy.

Provide protection. Quality candle packaging needs to ensure the products reach customers safely. The cardboard tube boxes are custom-made to fit your candles just right. The rigid cardboard wall is strong enough to prevent the candles from breakage, melting, or deformation across the supply chain

No matter where you are selling, either online or in brick-and-mortar stores, custom candle packaging helps catch people’s eyes and make the candles stand out from the crowd in a branded way.

Our Cardboard Cylindrical Candle Boxes Work Perfectly for

Artisan candles
Scented candles
Taper candles
Glass candles
Flameless candles
Candle pots
Floating candles
Candle gift set

LED candles
Decorative candles
Gel candles
Votive Candle
Soy wax candle
Beeswax candles
Aromatherapy candles
Pillar Candles

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