By Paper Tube End Closure

Cardboard Canisters w/ Paper Lids

– All paper-structure: cardboard tube body and cardboard lid & bottoms

– Bespoke tube dimensions, cardboard wall thickness

– Customized paper stock: uncoated paper stock (brown or white kraft paper, black or white cardboard, grey board) or coated paper (art paper)

– Eco-friendly, biodegradable and plastic-free

– Style: rolled edge (curl and disc) or flat top & bottom

– Custom printing or blank tubes w/ printed labels

– Order minimum: 1,000 pieces (we don’t have premade ready stock tubes)

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Why Paper Lids

Paper lids are the most commonly used in cardboard tube packaging either its one-piece paper tube, two-piece paper tube or three-piece paper tube.

With the cardboard material, the cardboard canister is completely sustainable and recyclable.

Other than plastic lids or tinplate lids, cardboard lids are very flexible in customization, which includes printing, size fit, styles, finishes.
As such, it would be much easier to create a unique and distinctive retail packaging boxes

The order minimum is much lower if compared to plastic or tinplate caps. With that being said, the unit cost is much lower.

Cardboard lids are highly recommended and suitable for most of the consumer product packaging.

Cardboard Canister Packaging for

– Protein powder
– Reed diffusers
– Scented candles
– CBD tincture bottles
– Lotion & serum bottles
– THC vape cartridges
– Vaping e-juice bottles
– CBD topicals
– Perfume bottles
– Electronic massagers

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