Custom Printed Food Tube Packaging

– Bespoke in tube dimensions to provide various packaging capacity

– Custom tube styles and tube lids (paper or tinplate) to meet different packaging needs

– Eco-friendly and biodegradable

– Food grade aluminum foil liner and soy ink available for printing work

– Premium virgin fiber (paper stock) used to ensure the canister packaging is food grade and safe

– Custom printing, plain or printed sticker labels – you have the say

– Order Minimum: 1,000 pieces

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Why Food Tube Packaging

Made of food grade paper stock, the food tube packaging is safe for foodstuff like candies, tea leafs, chocolate, supplementary powder, coffee beans, oatmeal etc.

Bespoke in dimension, the tubes are flexible to provide various packaging capacity for different food ranges. Custom printing also help creates a branded food packaging box that tells a good story about your brand and may elevate your marketing efforts.

Food grade tinplate lids and aluminum foil lining are available to provide excellent air-tightness so that the packaged foodstuff could stay fresh for longer.

Whether it serves as primary packaging for direct food contact or as a secondary packaging for food containers or jars, the food cardboard tubes do a great job in protecting the foodstuff thru the harsh shipping and handling environment.

Cardboard Tube Packaging for

– Herbal tea
– Loose leaf tea
– Coffee beans
– Biscuits
– Chocolate
– Seasoning
– Spices
– Dried fruit
– Food ingredient powder 
– Cereal & oatmeal
– Protein powder
– Spirulina powder
– Dog treats

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