Paperboard Jars Eco Cosmetics Containers

– Non-push-up design

– An eco alternative to traditional plastic cosmetics jars, bottles, containers

– Lamination lining provides an interior barrier to prevent oil stain issues

– Fully customized in size (diameter/height), cardboard thickness, printing & finishes

– Completely biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable cosmetic packaging solution

– Plastic-free and zero-waste

– MOQ: 1,000 pieces (No stock tubes or standard sizes are available)

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Why Eco Paperboard Jars?

Cosmetics and skincare balms, lotions, and creams have long been packaged in plastic jars, bottles, and containers, which is truly not eco-friendly enough and adds to the global plastic pollution dilemma.

Glass bottles and jars may come to your mind as an alternative. However, glass containers are not a friction-less option as glass packaging could be much heavy especially those large-capacity cosmetics packaging jars.

What’s worse, when the glass jars slip off fingers, they end up in pieces and landfills which may get women customers and sanitation workers injured.

Is there a solution that fixes both concerns? Yeah, it is right here.

The cardboard cosmetics tubes are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. No concerns about plastic waste, as it is all made of paperboard and cardboard.

Better yet, it is light-weighted enough. It would not be an issue for office ladies on the go.

Other good points in cardboard tubes are the flexibility in customization – dimension, printing, finishes all customizable with a much lower order minimum if compared to plastics and glass cosmetics containers.

Also, a creative oil-resistant lamination lining would prevent the balm, lotion, cream from leaking into the cardboard, and ensure it is as functional as its plastics and glass jars.

You are trying your very best to offer cosmetics and skincare products without artificial preservatives, coloring agents, chemical additives. Its time to go even further by switching to an earth-friendly, home compostable, and fully tailored printed cosmetics tube packaging that easily gets your brands noticed.

Eco-friendly Cardboard Jars for:

– Massage balm
– Skin moisturizer
– Body scrub
– Foot conditioner
– Body cream
– Solid lotions
– Sugar scrub

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