Analysis on Light Duty Kraft Paper Tubes: from Application Perspective

Kraft paper tubes or kraft tubes, made of kraft paper, are a very popular packaging option due to its premium tube strength, and rustic-looking style. Kraft paper tubes can be divided into two types: heavy duty kraft tube and light duty kraft tube.

Heavy duty kraft paper tubes are very thick and normally used for industrial applications such as tape & label cores, converting cores, film and foil packaging etc. On the contrary, light duty kraft paper tubes are more frequently used for shipping, mailing and consumer products packaging.

Today, let us briefly dive into the applications of light duty kraft paper tubes so that you are able to make informed decisions when considering kraft paper tube as a packaging solution.

1) Kraft Shipping Tubes

As the Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way we shop, online shopping is now becoming a mainstream due to the lockdown and social distancing. How to ship the orders safely to the customers without damage is of great importance for online sellers and shops.

Kraft shipping tubes are manufactured to protect products from damage and help them survive the harsh shipping process. With the rigid shipping tube, the products arrive to customer safe and sound with the original product package not getting dirty and crashed. Customer shopping experience and customer satisfaction are thus guaranteed and enhanced.

kraft paper tubes for shipping

2) Kraft Mailer Tubes

Similar to shipping tubes, kraft mailer tubes are intended to ship posters, important documents, valuable paintings, blue prints, artwork hard copy, wedding invitations, paper certificates etc.

Kraft mailing tubes are an ideal yet affordable packaging option for light-weighted, vulnerable but valuable items and paper objects. They are produced to endure the severe handling during transit. With this kraft cardboard tube, the valuables are guaranteed to arrive to the recipients in a safe manner.

kraft mailing tubes

3) Kraft Paper Tubes for Product Packaging

When used for shipping and mailing, kraft tubes mainly serve as a protector. However, kraft paper tubes can do far much work, apart from basic protection. As the minimalism prevails, more brands are going for a simple and rustic consume product package. No doubt kraft paper tubes are an ideal packaging option that deserves serious consideration.

One important function that packaging carries is branding. Kraft paper tubes are limitless in customization, including bespoke dimensions, custom artwork printing, brand VI matching colors, value-added finishes, style-added decors.

As such, except basic product protection, custom printed kraft paper tubes are a perfect marketing tool, which well delivers a rustic and natural brand image and contributes to branding over time. This works especially well for organic cosmetics, healthy dietary food, essential oil and nutritional supplements packaging.

kraft tubes for product packaging

4)Difference between serving for shipping & mailing and serving for product packaging

Kraft tubes can serve either for shipping or for retail packaging, there are a couple of differences between these applications though – tube styles, end closures, printing and finishes.

#1 Tube Style

When served as shipping tubes or mailing tubes, the kraft tubes are mostly made in one-piece (single) tube style while for product packaging in full telescopic (butt-jointed) tube style.

kraft paper tube styles

#2 End Closures

Kraft shipping tubes and mailing tubes are mostly with plastic end caps while kraft tubes for product packaging are mostly with paperboard or cardboard end closures.

different end closures for kraft paper tubes

#3 Printing and Finishing

Mailer tubes are normally plain without printing or finishes. As there is no outer wrap covering the tube, the spirals of the tube can be easily seen. These tubes are intended for basic protection for shipping process, so there is no need to add outer wrap. In this case, these paperboard shipping tubes could be as cost-effective as possible.

spiral kraft paper tubes

On the contrary, when used for consumer product packaging, kraft paper tubes are usually covered by custom printed outer wrap for marketing and branding. The printed outer wrap are also kraft paper carrying personalized graphics design, brand logos, product info and value-added finishing.

custom printed kraft tubes

#4 Color difference

For kraft shipping tubes, there will be no color difference, as there is no extra outer wrap.

However, for kraft tubes in retail packaging, one issue worthy of attention is the color difference between the kraft outer wrap and the original tube kraft.

The kraft outer wrap is a different paper type from that used to spirally wind the tubes, so there will be slight color difference. Please pay attention to this point and ask your supplier to make the both colors as close as possible by selecting a color-matching kraft paper for the outer wrap.


As a experienced paper tube and cardboard tube manufacturer, we supply the largest selection of tube styles, size ranges, printing colors, end closures, finishing options etc. Also, we pay attention to details and try to provide the most proper tube packaging solution that fits you just right.

Whether you’re looking for shipping tubes, mailer tubes or product packaging tubes, we are able to customize the kraft tubes to your specifications and packaging needs. 

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