4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Shipping Tubes: Ultimate Guide

Shipping tubes and mailing tubes have been in use for long, especially for posting artwork, blueprints, paintings, posters. Most of the tubes are brown kraft with plastic end caps.

As Covid-19 is sweeping across the globe for the past two years, online purchases are skyrocketing due to social distancing and repeated lock down. In this case, much more daily goods and necessities are purchased online and shipped to customers’ doors thru the post and mailing network.

Today we will be exploring the reasons why shipping tubes and mailer tubes outperform other packaging formats.

1) Durability

Shipping tubes are spirally wound by multiple layers of cardboard, the thickness of which are customizable to meet different packaging needs.
With that being said, it is strong and sturdy enough to prevent the packaged items from damage and crash during shipping. This is truly important if your products are fragile. With the sturdy tubes, the products would arrive to customers’ hand in safe and sound conditions.

2) Sustainability

In this day and age, public environmental awareness is also sweeping the world. Customers tend to buy those products that use eco-friendly, recyclable and waste-free packaging.
Postal tubes are fully recyclable and sustainable. For shipping tubes with plastic end caps, the plastics could be sorted and recycled as well if handled properly with current advanced production technology.

3) Economical

In a difficult economic recession period, businesses of all sizes and types are facing much more challenges. To keep products competitive, selling price is one of the key aspects. In this case, reducing costs in the sales chain is of great importance.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, shipping rates are crazily astronomical. With the compact, light-weighted and slim cardboard mailer tubes, you could keep the domestic postage rates to the minimum possible while not compromising packaging strength.

4) Printable

You may want a printed shipping tubes with your store, company or organization logo on it so that your brand or organization awareness could be promoted. Custom printing is one of the significant aspects why cardboard tubes outplay packaging of other materials. The order minimum could be as low as 500 pieces. With a branded and quality shipping tubes, brand images and unboxing experience would be enhanced altogether.


If you are tired of those plain brown shipping and mailing tubes that are accessible from Walmart and Office Depot, and would love to get custom printed postal tubes, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]. We will tailor a cardboard tube that fit your shipping / mailing needs just right.

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