5 Key Points to Create a Successful Paper Lip Balm Tube

More cosmetics and beauty brands are switching to paper tubes and cardboard tubes for lip balm, lotion, deodorant, chapstick packaging as the plastic-free awareness sweeps across the globe.

As we all know, paper tubes are not water-proof, so there are a couple of key points that should be paid special attention to if you would like to create a successful paper lip balm tube packaging.

1) Add a lining

First and foremost, add a lining. How to prevent liquid permeation is the first concern that should be addressed. With that being said, a liner inside the tube is critical.

Usually, there are two lining options which are different in material: lamination and wax paper. The liner creates a barrier between the liquid and the tube cardboard, preventing the liquid from leaking into the tube wall.

lining options for cardboard lip balm tubes

You may be curious about which liner material is better? Lamination is kind of plastic material, so wax paper is more recommended so that the tubes would be completely biodegradable and compostable.

To ensure the best leak-proofness, multiple layers of lining could be used.

2) Extra thickness in cardboard wall and bottom disc

Secondly, pay attention to the thickness of the cardboard and the bottom disc.
It is recommended the cardboard wall should be 1mm thick / layer (4mm thick for the whole tube), and 6mm thick for the movable bottom disc.

The extra weight do help with sturdiness, and most importantly leak proofness. The thick cardboard wall would provide extra strength and protection for the packaged balm, deodorant, lotion etc during shipping and daily application.

And if the lining does not work properly, the solidified balm may permeate into the tube wall a little bit, and destroy the whole tube. However, if the tube is thick enough, this situation could be prevented.

3) A snug-fit bottom disc

Paper lip balm tubes feature a round movable disc at bottom, so that customers could push the balm upwards for application. So the disc should be made neither too loose nor too tight. This is the most common issue we come across in production.

So a mold should be especially created so that the disc size could match perfectly. As every one has different understanding in this regard, it would be better to make samples and check if the tightness is proper.

4) Use virgin paper stock

Paper is the basic component of a paper tube. There are a variety of paper stock to choose from – for industrial applications, recycled fiber would be enough.
However, for cosmetics items like lip balm, lotion, recycled paper or post consumer waste (PCW) paper should be avoided due to its relatively low quality in raw material.

To ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics products, virgin paper stock should always be used in the production of paper lip balm tubes. This is the foundation of a successful cosmetics product packaging.

5) Add custom printing

Last but not the least, get the tubes printed. Packaging is playing a significant role in branding and marketing. Custom artwork would bring life to a tube packaging if the design is aesthetic and eye-catching. Customer would easily remember your brand at the first sight of the package.
With that being said, a successful lip balm tube packaging should enhance a brand’s marketing efforts.

Custom printing on the tube would be the key. So get the tubes printed w/ attention-getting graphics design instead of using blank tubes. An alternative is to use printed sticker labels on the tube if your budget is limited or the turnaround time does not allow.


Above are the 5 points that we should pay attention to in any paper lip balm tube projects.
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