6 Cardboard Cylinder Tea Box Packaging Designs: Ultimate Guide

Why Cardboard Cylinder Tea Box

As one of the world’s most consumed beverage, tea has been enjoying tremendous popularity all over the world. Tea market has never been this competitive like today with the marketplace flooded with hundreds of thousands of tea brands.

How to stand out from the rest? Except offering the best possible tea, another significant key is tea packaging. Custom tea box packaging is of equal importance in terms of enhancing marketing efforts and improving brand visibility. Looking for inspirations for custom tea packaging designs? Why not think outside the regular tea box?

As a paper tube packaging manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to offer an vast array of tea box packaging solutions to fit this fast growing, thriving and prosperous tea market. Lets jump straight to the list of cardboard tube packaging solutions we have prepared for you.

6 Cardboard Cylinder Tea Box Packaging Designs

1) Kraft Paper Tubes with Cardboard Lids

The kraft paper tubes are completely made of brown kraft paper, incl. the lids. If there is already extra protection to ensure airtightness (e.g. packaging bag or paper wrap) for the tea, this tube box would be an ideal secondary packaging.

The simple yet rustic packaging design naturally delivers an organic product image even at the first sight of the tea package.

You may have a variety of flavors or blends to sell. Just get blank tubes and simply use labels to indicate the flavors or tastes. This would provide much flexibility, and truly save you money & turnaround time.

2) Kraft Tubes with Tinplate Lids

Similar to option 1, the kraft tubes are also made of brown kraft paper with sticker labels indicating flavor variants. The differences lie in the tube structure and end closures. This is an one-piece tube style with tinplate bottom cover and removable lids (caps).

Compared to option 1, the metal cap provides even better airtightness and moisture resistance to some extent. However, the disadvantage is also clear. The tinplate lid is a little bit more expensive. Also, the tube dimension need to match the existing tinplate size (if you would not buy a lot and the lid supplier would not specifically create a new lid mold), which would reduce flexibility in creating the desired packaging volume.

3) Small Paper Tubes with Membrane Lid

If you are selling luxury tea in collection or in a gift set, this small diameter paper tube is a nice option to consider. The small tube is intended for packaging small serving of tea, and a couple of servings could be packed together in one gift rigid gift box to create an luxurious tea gift set.

With the peelable tamper-evident seal and food grade aluminum foil liner, the small volume of tea stays fresher for much longer till they arrive to customers’ cups. But the shortcoming would be the plastic bottom, as more tea brands are trying to avoid plastics.

4) One-piece Paper Tube with Bamboo Lid

You may be looking for a unique bespoke tea packaging. If so, the one-piece paper tube with bamboo lid may be one of the choices to go with.

Distinctive from regular cardboard and tinplate lids (caps), the bamboo lid easily catches customers’ eyes and help the tea brands get noticed on store shelf.

The bamboo lid is plastic-free, naturally made of bamboo without extra coating or gluing. Aligning with the food grade aluminum foil liner, the bamboo lid also creates an airtight packaging environment for tea of various types. There is an extra PE bag to package the tea before them going into the tubes. By doing so, the tea leaf could stay fresh for even longer.

5) Custom Printed Paper Tubes

For option 1-4, they are mainly with printed sticker labels to indicate the flavors if just doing a small run. You may want direct custom printing on the tubes.

How to make it? Here it is – the custom printed paper tubes in full telescopic style.

The brand artwork and graphics design are directly printed in 4 color process on the tubes. At the same time, extra value-added finishes gold foil stamping is applied. Custom printing together with style-added coating easily create an luxurious and branded tea box packaging.

Normally this type of custom printed cardboard tubes serve as secondary packaging. This means the tea needs extra packaging such as PE bags, mylar bags, silver foil paper wrap etc.

6) 3-piece Cardboard Tubes with Tinplate Top & Bottom

When it comes to tube styles, there are usually 3 choices, which are respectively 1-piece (single) cardboard tube, 2-piece cardboard tube, and 3-piece cardboard tube. One-piece paper tube usually matches with tinplate lids while the 3-piece paper tube are usually with cardboard lids if looking carefully into the options listed above.

However, there is another packaging design that combines these two – 3-piece paper tube style but the lid is made of both paper and metal as below.

The inside of the tube could be lined w/ aluminum foil or not. If not, an extra packaging would be needed to ensure airtightness and moisture resistance for tea packaging.

As for printing, it could be simple labels on blank tubes. Or get the tubes printed all over with custom brand artwork.

Tailored Packaging Tube Solutions

The above are the 6 cardboard tea box packaging designs in cylindrical shape.  Whether you are a start-up or established tea brand, whether you are selling loose leaf tea or tea bags, whether you are selling online or in bricks-and-mortar stores, custom tea packaging is of great importance.

Paper Tube Solutions are professional enough to understand the market, and tailor the tea tube packaging that fits your brand position, product image and marketing efforts just right. Get in touch today via email at [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss on your tea packaging projects.

In case you are looking for tube packaging solutions for other consumer products such as fragrance (candles, reed diffusers), CBD oil, vaping carts, cosmetics like serum or cream, lip gloss, toys, wine bottles, yoga mats etc, please kindly refer to our solution page for more portfolios.