Custom Diploma Tubes: Alternative to Diploma Covers

For students, graduation is a milestone that marks the end of a specific educational stage. Graduation ceremonies could be the most significant lifetime occasions when students receive diplomas and certificates.

The diploma has long been packaged in diploma covers & cases, and presented to students during graduation ceremonies. However, more and more colleges are switching to custom printed diploma tubes. 

Are diploma tubes better? As a diploma tube manufacturer and supplier, I will be exploring the pros of custom diploma tubes in a couple of aspects so that you get a clear picture of this increasingly popular diploma packaging solution.

4 Advantages of Diploma Tubes Over Padded Diploma Covers

1) Multifunctional - also a mailer tube and household organizer

Diploma tubes are more than diploma tubes. At the graduation ceremonies, diplomas are packed in cylinders and presented to the graduates. On many other daily occasions, diploma tubes could work as shipping tubes. School offices may ship documents (like freshmen admission letters, seminar invitation letters, drawings, etc.) with these mailing tubes custom printed in university, college, or faculty seals and logos. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic season, some students may not be able to attend the commencement ceremonies in person, especially overseas students. The diploma could be packed in the diploma tubes and sent to doors. 

Other than working as a shipping tube, it is also a great organizer in the house for preserving your little ones’ paintings, paintbrushes, toys, etc. 

2) Slim but strong

Compared to rectangular diploma covers, diploma tubing is slim, light-weighted, and space-efficient. These features lend flexibility and conveniences to both students and colleges &universities in terms of portability, handling, and storage. 

Sprially wound by layers of cardboard, the tube is sturdy in construction. The rigid tube body provides the certificates and documents with premium protection during handling and shipping. 

3) Longer term preservation

Padded diploma covers carry acetate or plastic sheeting that may be clingy on the certificates over time. So diploma covers are not a proper protector if you want to preserve the certificates for long. 

Unlike traditional diploma cases, paper tubes are acid-free, chemically stable, and toxic-free. It creates a much airtight storage environment that keeps the moisture, dust, and light outside, which prevents diplomas from fading and discoloration and thus ensures much longer preservation.

4) More customizable

Compared to standard diploma covers, cardboard tubes carry much more customization possibilities, incl. size/dimension, tube styles, printing, paper stocks, finishes, and coating. (Click here to see 5 Popular Diploma Tubes for Schools and Colleges)

Colleges may have certificates and diplomas in more than one size. With the custom diploma tubes, universities only need to get one-sized packaging to fit a couple of diploma & certificate sizes. 


You could roll up the certificates and put them into the tube packaging. Whatever size your certificates are, the tubes are custom in diameter and height to fit your packaging needs just right. Say goodbye to multiple-sized diploma covers and diploma cases.

With the flexible printing and finish options, universities are no longer limited to the dull single-colored diploma covers and diploma holders. Schools and organizations are allowed to create custom diploma packaging and custom certificate packaging of their own. They can decide on paper stock, printing colors, get a more complex artwork design, and overall packaging outcome. Most importantly, the universities can present a more luxurious and one-of-a-kind graduation gift to the graduates. 

Start to Customize Diploma Packaging

If you are still walking around being not sure if diploma tubes are the right way to go? Have more questions about how to start customizing your diploma tubes? Get in touch by email ([email protected]), WhatsApp (+86 181 3828 7678), or directly hop on a call to get us involved. We are happy to listen and will handle the rest for you, walking you through from design to production.