Custom Menstrual Cup Boxes – 3 Paper Tube Packaging Designs

Having a Different Period

Nowadays menstrual cups are increasingly popular among girls and women with period cups proven to be effective, safe and more earth-friendly if compared to disposal pads and tampons. Against this backdrop, more manufacturers and suppliers are flooding into the feminine hygiene product markets.

Significance of Custom Menstrual Cup Boxes

How to help customers’ menstrual cup brands stand out in the market? This is a question we have been thinking to sort out. Today, packaging has been one important part of shopping experience. Custom printed menstrual cup packaging boxes easily catch customers’ eyes and appeal customers to pick up them from the shelf.

As a professional paper tube packaging manufacturer and supplier,
we have the answer to this question by offering unique cardboard cylindrical period cup boxes.

3 Paper Tube Packaging Designs for Menstrual Cup Packaging

1) Custom Menstrual Cup Boxes w/ Display Window

To see is to believe.
The die-cut window on top allows the period cups to show off even when in the package, and tell a good story about themselves.
This creative windowed tube package easily capture women audience’s attention and appeal them to pick up the moon cups, which may lead to increase of sales. Also, customers are able to see before purchase, which helps manage product expectation and make wise purchase decision.

2) Hatbox Style Menstrual Cup Boxes

The cardboard cylinder period cup boxes consist of a base and a lid, creating a hatbox packaging style.

Distinctive from rectangular period cup packaging boxes, the cylinder shape easily stands out from the crowd. And as the cylindrical moon cup packaging boxes fit the period cups just right with no waste of space, the menstrual cups are well protected and kept inside the tube packaging.

Custom printing of brand logo, instructions for use, vivid colors work together to create a custom branded menstrual cup packaging while raising and establishing brand awareness.

3) Full-telescoping Paper Tubes for Menstrual Cup Packaging

Full-telescopic paper tube is the most frequently used tube style in product packaging, no exceptional for period cups.

By customizing the length of the tube cap, lip and tube base, there is much room to create distinctive full telescopic paper tubes in various opening & closing styles.

The rigid cardboard keeps the period cups safe and sound during shipping and store handling.

We at Paper Tube Solutions offer high quality tube packaging boxes for period cups and moon cups, which are made of food grade virgin paper stock, and customizable in dimensions (diameter / height), tube structure, printing techniques, finishes and coating to help your feminine hygiene brands get noticed.

If you are looking for custom packaging boxes for your feminine hygiene products like moon cups, sanitary towels, here is the right place to start your project. For more details, please check out our portfolios from the homepage.