More Brands Turning to Paper Cylinder Packaging

As a response to serious plastic pollution, more brands are shifting to biodegradable packaging to deliver their commitment for sustainability. As an eco-friendly packaging solution, paper cylinder tube packaging has become a choice for lots of manufacturers. Let us have a look at what brands are enhancing their environmental responsibility by using recyclable and eco-friendly paper tube packaging.

1)Asda becomes the first to launch 100% recyclable crisp tube

Asda, the British supermarket retailer has launched a 100 percent recyclable crisp paper tube packaging for its own brand “Snax”, claiming to be the very first supermarket chain to do so. The practice is projected to annually decrease 98.2 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging as an effort to align with its target of 15% reduction of plastic packaging by the end of 2021.

custom paper tubes for crisp packaging
eco-friendly cylindrical crisp packaging boxes

2)“Wine in a Tube”- Waitrose starting to sell wine in sustainable tube packaging

In cooperation with Italian producer Orion Wines, the British grocer Waitrose has rolled out its wine products in an eco-friendly paper tube packaging. The “Wine in a Tube” concept enables customers to enjoy wine in a sustainable way. The supermarket claims it is the very first to practice paper tube packaging for wine products in the UK, catering to growing consumer environmental consciousness.

custom paper tubes for wine and spirits packaging
eco-friendly paper tube packaging for wine and spirits