Why Eco Tube Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is another rapidly growing trend in packaging world, as public awareness of environmental issues and climate change increases. Consumers are paying more attention than ever to the impact of their daily consumption on the planet. As a plastic-free all-paper packaging solution, eco tube packaging is the right way to go. Let us dive in a couple advantages right away.

1. Decrease carbon footprint

carbon dioxide

First of all, eco tube packaging helps reduce carbon footprint. Paper tube packaging is made of paper, including recycled post-consumer paperboard and cardboard. One hand, the recycling process reduces the use of resources. On the other hand, it helps decrease emission of carbon dioxide.

2. Biodegradable

plastic pollutions

Secondly, it is biodegradable. Most if not all know it takes long for plastic waste to decompose. However, few may know exactly how long it is: plastic takes 400 years to decompose in water, while 800 years for plastic in soil. In a sharp contrast, it only takes about 2-6 weeks for paper to decompose.

3. Enhance brand image

Thirdly, eco friendly packaging improve brand image. More customers are turning to brands that care about sustainability and environmental responsibility. As such, using eco-friendly paper tube package makes a lasting yet meaningful impression on customers. Moreover, the eco-friendly practice lays a solid foundation of brand loyalty.

4. Versatile

Finally, it is multipurpose and applicable in a wide variety of retail applications, apart from helping the environment. Whether a brand is looking to package cosmetics, consumer electronics, toys or food, eco tube packaging is a safe way to go with it being plastic-free, recyclable.

As a paper tube packaging factory, we pride ourselves on providing eco friendly packaging solutions for a wide variety of retail industries. No matter which industry you are in, eco tube packaging is one of the green ways to go where you can cut carbon footprint and deliver commitment to environmental protection.