4 Awesome Cardboard Cylinder Packaging Designs for Your Inspiration

Packaging is now increasingly important, as retail package is a customer’s very first experience with your brand. Therefore, to win in the competitive market, brand owners should use unique packages, such as cardboard cylinder packaging. 

Below are a couple of awesome cardboard cylinder tube designs from Pentawards. Hopefully these packaging designs will get you inspired when designing your own.

1)Make the Cardboard Cylinder Packaging CULTURAL

First of all, add festive elements to packaging. One hand, festive elements add values to retail package. On the other hand, culture considerably contributes to a lasting profound brand identity.

In the example above, designers creatively integrate packaging with cultural connotations of full moon symbolizing family reunion on Moon Festival (Mid-autumn Festival). The galaxy artwork along with a die-cut hole at the bottom turns the moon cake package into a funny telescope. The kids can use the telescope to look into distance for fun. Meanwhile, the cultures and traditions behind pass on to the next generation.

2)Play with Colors

Color is one of the primary elements of packaging when it comes to grabbing customers’ attention. If brand owners want retail packaging to pop on shelf, then they need to learn to play with colors.

For instance, GoGood company cleverly uses a collection of striking colors in artwork design. One hand, the exact match of colors with corresponding fruits visually displays product favors. On the other hand, dynamic colors help the products to easily pop and lure customers to buy.

3)Use Specialty Paper

Thirdly, pay attention to the functionality of paper. Paper of various types plays different roles in product packaging. One paper type worthy of attention is specialty paper.

Specialty papers are manufactured or subsequently converted to a specific usage, with its wide variety of patterns, texture, finishes, colors, etc.

So, when differentiation or specific packaging needs are required, take special paper into consideration.

Let’s look into the example above. Method company creatively pick a specialty paper. The texture of the special paper is similar with that of the product bottles. Without complex printing work, specialty paper, along with simple hot foil stamping on the logo, already does a great job in creating a seemingly simple but stunning packaging.

4)Make the Cardboard Cylinder Packaging Comical

Cartoons are not just kids’ fun. “I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults,” as the Shigeru Miyamoto quote goes.

If a retail package carries off funny graphics design, the packaging has more chances to touch the heart of customers. Please take a look at the example below.

paperboard cylinder for candy packaging

The goat is the lady, the lady is the goat…? When the cap turns around, the design changes. What a humor and fun. Imagine how this funny packaging, including its patterns, colors and naming, will transmit presence to your brand. In conclusion, making the cardboard cylinder packaging comical is one of good strategies to use.

Above are multiple inspirational packaging designs with smart use of cultural elements, colors, papers, artwork design. They definitely deserve to study and learn from.

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