8 Custom Wine Bottle Tubes Packaging Solutions: Ultimate Guide (2021)

Style, value and sustainability are important aspects to consider for any wine and alcohol drink brands when deciding on a packaging solution for their liquor, wine, spirits and alcoholic beverage. As such, custom wine bottle tubes have long been an established and popular packaging option due to its protective, distinctive, luxurious and recyclable features.

Today, let us go thru the available wine bottle tube packaging solutions. Classified by shape, the custom wine bottle tubes mainly fall into two types: special shape and round shape.

1. Special-shaped Wine Tubes

#1 Rectangle Wine Tube Box for Rum

#2 Triangle Cardboard Wine Bottle Tubes for Whisky

triangle wine bottle gift tubes

#3 Oval Wine Bottles Storage Tubes for Tequila

oval wine tubes for tequila

2. Round-shaped Wine Tubes

#1 One-piece Wine Tube Gift Boxes with Removal Metal Lids

#2 Butt-jointed Wine Bottle Gift Tubes with Paper Lids

full telescopic wine bottle tube packaging

#3 Full Telescopic Cardboard Wine Tube with Metal End Caps

#4 Two-Piece Paper Tube Wine Boxes for Red Wine Packaging

#5 Cylindrical Wine Presentation Boxes with Special Cutting

As a paper wine tube packaging manufacturer, we have developed and refined a wide variety of wine bottle tube packaging solutions that help your wine & spirits brands to stand out on shelf and build brand presence over time.

Whether you are looking for custom tube packaging for champagne, vodka or liquor, we are the trusted supplier you could rely on. For more portfolios, please kindly check our website or contact us via [email protected]

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