Cardboard Shaker Tubes: 3 Sifter Solutions for Powdered Cosmetics and Foodstuff

Currently cardboard shaker tubes are widely used for powdered cosmetics and food packaging.  Paper tube is relatively eco-friendly, biodegradable, which aligns with lots of brands’ efforts in sustainability.

Sifter is a critical part for paper shaker tube. Today, we are introducing 3 sifter options available for various cosmetics and food powdered products.

1) Cardboard Sifter for Cardboard Shaker Tubes

Cardboard sifter is made of paper with holes die cut in desired size (diameter) to meet specific packaging needs. The sifter is placed in between the regular 3-piece paper tubes without being exposed unless the paper lid is taken off.


cardboard powder shakers

For spices and seasoning packaging like pepper, salt, bigger holes are required while for cosmetics and personal care products like baby powder, dry shampoo powder, the holes should be made much smaller.

With a cardboard sifter, the paper tube is completely biodegradable and sustainable as it is plastic-free.

As it is all-paper structure, its easier to customize w/ a smaller order minimum, compared to plastic shaker top. Basically 1,000 pieces or above is the starting point if you would like to customize cardboard powder shakers.

2) Plastic Shaker Top for Paper Shaker Tubes

Plastic shaker top is made of plastic, which is placed on one end of the tube working as the lid (cap). In most cases, the tube style plastic shaker top matches is one-piece (single) paper tube. Currently we are offering two types of plastic shaker tops as below.

a. Twist-type plastic sifter

Twist-type plastic sifter comes with both screen and pour opening. By twisting the top, you can easily switch between the two openings.

cardboard powder shakers with twist-type plastic sifters

b. Flip-type plastic sifter

Flip-type plastic sifter comes with an extra reclosable cap on the sifter. The reclosable design allows repeated opening and closing to ensure the packaged contents, especially foodstuff or cosmetics stuff, stay clean, dry and sanitary.

cardboard powder shaker with flip-type plastic sifters

3) What is not Good for Plastic Sifters

Being plastic, plastic shaker top is not compostable. So strictly speaking, the cardboard shaker tube is not eco-friendly enough. For brands that are trying to be fully green, plastic shaker tops are not the way to go.

Generally speaking, plastic shaker top is not as flexible as the paper sifter. If there is no existing shaker top size to match the bespoke tube diameter, then brands need to pay much more to open a new mold. And the order minimum would be very high. So plastic sifter is not the first choice if the order quantity is a small run or trial run.

Above are a brief introduction to our available lid options for cardboard shaker tubes. If you are interested or need more info, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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