Brief Introduction: how is a paper tube made for retail packaging?

Nowadays paper tube package is very common in retailing markets. Perhaps lots of us know the cylindrical packaging boxes are made of paperboard, kraft paper or cardboard. And some may already know how an industrial cardboard tube and core is produced. 

Today, let us look into the production process of paper tubes for retail applications. Take the most common three-piece paperboard tube with rolled edge paper end closures as an example.

5 Steps to Make a Paper Tube for Retail Packaging

Step 1: Winding

Firstly: winding. Similar to industrial cardboard tube and cores, the majority are spiral-wound from multiple piles (layers) of paper or cardboard. According to specific packaging needs, paper of various types, tube molds and number of piles changes to obtain different diameters, thicknesses and strength. Thanks to gluing, layers of paperboard or cardboard are gathered, wrapped and formed into semi-finished.

Step 2: Cutting to desired measurements

Secondly, cut the semi-finished cardboard tubes into desired height (length) manually or automatically.

Step 3: Adding printed artwork to plain paper tube

Thirdly, add the printed artwork (outer wrap paper) to the cut cardboard canisters manually or automatically. With this step done, the plain paperboard cylinder turns into a branded one.

Step 4: Second cutting and rolled edge paper end closure added

Fourthly, take a second cutting to separate the whole branded tube into two smaller parts: top cap and outer base. Afterwards, one edge of both the top cap and outer base will be rolled (curled), followed by paper end closures being added. Now, the top cap is complete while the outer base not yet.

Final step: Adding inner neck to the outer base

Finally, add the inner necks into the outer base by gluing. 

inner necks glued inside the outer base

When the final step is done, a cardboard cylinder is almost finished. After that, the workers will clean the cylinder containers for final QC inspection.

Above is a brief introduction to the production process of a three-piece paper tube packaging for retail applications. 

Except the three-piece cardboard tube structure, there are also one-piece and two-piece structure available. As a manufacturer and factory of cardboard cylindrical packaging boxes, we are trying our best to provide the most suitable packaging solutions possible for our valued customers in light of specific packaging needs and budgets.