How Rustic Cardboard Cylindrical Packaging Helps with Your Business

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Leonardo da Vinci once said. This is also the case for paper-based packaging industry. With minimalism prevailing, simple yet rustic paper packaging is increasingly popular.

As a cardboard cylindrical packaging box manufacturer, we are doing our best to embrace the trend of the day. We keep two questions in our mind: 1)In what aspects rustic cardboard cylinder packaging helps with our customers’ business? 2)How to create a cardboard cylindrical packaging box in rustic design / style?

Let’s get started now to dive a little bit into the two questions above.

Benefits of Rustic Cardboard Cylindrical Packaging Box

1)Build an eco-conscious brand identity

Basically, paper tube packaging itself is an environmental-friendly packaging solution as it is plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. Better yet, rustically designed cardboard cylinders are more likely to remind customers of that fact.

eco tube packaging

People tend to associate the natural-looking brown package with sustainability and pro-environment. This greatly contributes to a lasting eco-conscious brand identity and a solid base of loyal consumers.


2)Deliver a healthy and organic product image

Nowadays more consumers of all ages are opting for a healthy, natural and organic lifestyle. 

A rustic-looking cylindrical packaging box gives an illusion of simplicity and authenticity. Naturally customers may presume that the rustically packaged products are organic and trustworthy. This is a great help to deliver an organic and healthy product image, especially for cosmetics, food, beauty, and personal care industries. Take a look at the example below.

Harmonic Arts company perfectly delivers the organic and healthy product concept to customers even from their first sight at the rustic cardboard cylinder packages.

3)Represent a classic and long-standing brand image

It takes time for a brand to grow big, just as a small tree does. Rustic cardboard cylinder packaging boxes are reminiscent of a classic brand with a long long history.  Lets look at the following example.

Shanghai Lady, one of the long-standing local cosmetic brands in the city of Shanghai, China, smartly sticks to rustic cardboard cylinder packaging design. The design is filled with warm and soft color, combined with antique imagery of ladies in traditional cheongsam. Its no doubted that the rustic package vividly displays a classic brand with a long history dating back to the nineteen thirties.

Well, after discussion on the benefits of rustic paperboard cylindrical packaging boxes, here comes the next question: how to achieve that? Below are a few small tips for your inspirations.

#1 Play with Nature

Rustic packaging easily reminds customers of the earthy tone in nature. So, above all, get inspirations from nature to create a rustic cardboard cylinder packaging design. There are lots of ways to go: choose a wood grain paper, do wood imitation printing, or let wood or bamboo elements be the main parts of your artwork design. 

Inspired by the wood crates for wine & spirits packaging, Jim Beam company creatively adopts the wooden elements in the design of cardboard cylindrical packaging boxes for their bourbon whisky. With the rustic cylinder paperboard packages, the brand’s carefully crafted spirits built upon years of expertise are well showcased.

#2 Take Warm, Wooden Colors

Pick brown as the main color throughout the entire packaging design. For instance, add a small branch as a decor; get artwork printed on kraft paper. Below is an example for CBD oil packaging. By choosing kraft paper as the outer warp with colorful graphics design printed, the overall packaging look rustic while maintaining basic branding.

#3 Use Natural Cardboard / Kraft Paper

The philosophy behind rustic style packaging is less is more. Conforming to that idea, why not consider plain natural cardboard or brown kraft paper as raw material without additional striking printing and coating? 

However, from branding perspective, someone may be concerned. No worries. Simple black imprint or adhesive labels do a great job for that purposes. Please look at the example below where a good balance is stricken between branding and remaining rustic.

Above are our thoughts to the two questions raised at the beginning. You are more than welcome to share your ideas in below comment section. are dedicated to helping our customers’ brands to look better and act better, with the power of cardboard cylinder packaging.