How to Customize a Successful Paper Tube Packaging?

What is a Successful Paper Tube Packaging?

Basically, paper tube packaging serves to hold, store and protect the cylindrical products from production units to end users. Apart from that, however, packaging carries far more weight in today’s consumer society.

A successful paper tube packaging should also contribute to branding and generating more product sales. Then how? By following below tips, you may get closer to a successful paper tube packaging.

5 Tips to Achieve a Successful Paper Tube Packaging

1)Focused on products

Above all, focus on product itself. Provide your manufacturer with as many product details as you can. These details may include correct product dimensions, tube thickness, paper type and other product-specific demands. For example, special coating is necessary to achieve water resistance for consumer electronics packaging. In addition, for electronic products packaging, coated unbleached kraft paper (CUK) may outperform coated recycled paperboard.

In one word, ensured packaging protection should be always put as first priority.

2)Beware of brand positioning

Secondly, keep brand positioning in mind before deciding a paper type. For example, if a brand is to convey an organic product image, then natural brown kraft paper is the right way to go.

kraft paper cylindrical packaging boxes for personal care products

In addition, create an artwork design that matches brand image. For fashion brands,  dull-looking graphics design would not help but instead put a brake on the marketing efforts.

3)Keep target audience in mind

Thirdly, be customer-oriented from all aspects.

Be gender-specific, for example.  If cardboard cylinders are to package fashion eyelashes, a paperboard tube with die-cut window  would be a perfect choice. The display window enables “Try Me” or “See Me”, more easily stimulating woman customers’ interest and appealing them to buy.

cardboard cylindrical packaging box for eyelash

Except that, try to be age-specific, especially for marijuana packaging such as like vape cartridge packaging, CBD oil dropper bottle packaging. The first consideration for cannabis packaging would be child-proof. And a child-resistant cardboard tube packaging should be a must-have.

4)Be safe & non-toxic while being eco-friendly

Paper tube packaging is an eco-conscious and biodegradable packaging solution. However, one point worthy of attention may be the security when applied for food packaging. Let me put the conclusion first: paper tube food packaging should NEVER use recycled post-consumer paperboard and cardboard material.

recycled cardboard material

According to a test report by the association Foodwatch in 2015, 43% out of 120 tested food products were found to be contaminated with potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic mineral oil components. These hazardous components had migrated from recycled cardboard packaging materials.

In conclusion, make sure to use virgin paperboard materials only for your paper tube food packaging.

5)Create a seasonal product packaging

Last but not least, create a seasonal paperboard tube packaging. This may apply for days like Back to School, or holidays like Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc.

seasonal cardboard cylinder packaging

A holiday packaging may help get new customers in who buy solely because they like the seasonal packaging as a holiday decor. Imagine when customers shop the aisles, your products in seasonal packaging will get more chance of being picked up over competitors, with your brand awareness raised alike.

Seasonal packaging, however, does NOT necessarily mean increase in profits. Instead, the ROI (return on investment) could be far lower than expected due to the very short shelf like of seasonal packaging. In spite of that, it may be still worth the money and efforts as expanded brand influence is also among the signs of a successful cylindrical cardboard packaging.

Above are a few thoughts towards a successful cardboard cylinder packaging.

As a paper tube packaging manufacturer, we are doing everything in our power to customize successful paper tubes with customers’ budgets, products, brand position, and our earth in mind.